SEO Beyond the AI-Hype

Are you tired of the SEO guessing game?

Rank-Hub divides SEO into a multi-step workflow that gives you precise controls and intelligent defaults.

no credit card required · easy to learn

Other Tools

Topic/content recommendations solely made by AI with no real data

AI writing is a click-and-done gimmicky wrapper for ChatGPT

No strategic guidance or recommendations providing you with specific steps


Topic clusters created based on what Google wants you to write about (live SERP data)

Sophisticated, section-based AI writing with 100% control and virtually no hallucinations

Weekly set of best effort vs. effect tasks based on your Google Search Console data

Fernando from Kansei

I was skeptical as I already tried plain GPT for content, which required so much massaging and still missed the mark.

Rank-Hub managed to give me content ideas that are actually searched in my niche and write full blog posts that I am actually proud to publish with minimal post-editing.

Fernando from Kansei

Rank-Hub transforms your SEO labyrinth into a clear path of action

Research keyword ideas

Enter a topic / niche and get a list of keywords along with search volume and ranking difficulty.

Research on what topics to cover on your blog has never been easier.

Topic clusters based on actual live data

Create a tight-knit cluster of posts that increase your authority in that topic in the eyes of search engines.

Rank-Hub can create a topic cluster with live SERP data (results, people also ask, related questions etc.) to present you the articles that Google wants you to write about.

Never start from a blank page again

It's hard to get a post started when you sit in front of a blank page.

Rank-Hub pulls in top-ranking posts for your search query from Google, analyzes their content and drafts a multi-level outline based on that research.

Rank-Hub has the best AI writer for blog posts, period

Enjoy unparalleled adherence to your content instructions by generating the article in sections, guided by a pre-filled instructions prompt you can edit. The best way to let AI write content.

Rank-Hub AI uses a vector database of competitor content that allows the AI to query and cross-reference before writing, virtually eliminating content hallucinations.

Here's an example of an article written with Rank-Hub AI, no editing.

Not sure what specific steps to take?

Our integration with your Google Search Console data can generate the lowest effort tasks that get you the most impact, every week.

Stay on track with clear next steps, knowing what to tackle for SEO gains every week.

Weekly Tasks
Ephraim from TLGhost
Used to take me almost an hour to manually read through several articles to come up with a banger document outline for 1 article. Now it's done for me in minutes. Gamechanger.

Ephraim from TLGhost

Rank-Hub can help you from your first blog post up to 10,000+ words every week

Rank-Hub Basic



publish about ~4-6 articles per month

90 Rank-Hub Credits

$0.32 / Credit

15 credit free trial · no credit card required

Rank-Hub Pro



publish about ~9-12 articles per month

175 Rank-Hub Credits

$0.28 / Credit

15 credit free trial · no credit card required

Rank-Hub Plus



publish about ~25-30 articles per month

400 Rank-Hub Credits

$0.25 / Credit

15 credit free trial · no credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rank-Hub work?

Think of Rank-Hub as your personal SEO assistant. It taps into Google’s latest data to pinpoint exactly what your site needs to climb up the search rankings.

From identifying the right topics to crafting posts that speak Google’s language, Rank-Hub helps you nail every SEO task with precision.

You get clear-cut, step-by-step tasks that translates into real, quality content - and it all happens in a fraction of the time you'd usually spend

What are Rank-Hub Credits?

Our credit system is designed to offer you flexibility while aligning with our costs.

This way, you can save by only using credits for features you need most, without overspending on those you use less

Who is Rank-Hub for?

Rank-Hub is ideal for business owners who want to grow their traffic and visibility without getting bogged down in the complexities of SEO and SEO specialists.

It's especially useful for those looking get clear guidance on SEO strategy and save time while doing so.

How is this different from ChatGPT or other AI writers?

While ChatGPT and other AI tools excel at generating coherent text by predicting the next word in a sequence, successful SEO requires a broader strategy than just text creation

Rank-Hub is engineered to guide you through the SEO process, providing specific tasks that extend far beyond writing.

What sets Rank-Hub's AI writer apart is its foundational design that leverages your unique context and expertise. It's crafted to collaborate with you, rather than just churning out text.

Does Google penalize AI content?

Google stated that they don't penalize AI content. They explicitly allow using AI in the content creation process if it helps generate helpful content.

With Rank-Hub, you'll create content that's in line with Google's policies and outranks many non-AI articles.

Does AI really produce quality text?

The right AI models can indeed produce very high quality text. Take a look at this unedited sample.

Rank-Hub is too expensive

On the contrary, it'll save you countless of hours every month and increase the odds of growing your traffic significantly.

One hour of your time probably is worth more than the subscription price, isn't it?

Is Rank-Hub difficult to use?

If you know how to navigate Netflix, you know how to navigate Rank-Hub.

It's web-based, meaning you don't even need to install anything. Sign up for free and see for yourself.

Why shouldn't I choose more articles over quality articles?

Many AI SEO tools allow you to publish an ungodly amount of long form articles. It's likely you'll ask yourself if that isn't the better option for more traffic.

The truth is, those tools often create long form articles that are made up of mostly fluff and they are certainly not made for human readers.

They might help you get a tad more traffic. Rank-Hub will help you grow your traffic reliably and in a way that you can leverage that traffic boost into conversions. Low quality articles that make very human reader hit the back button won't cut it.

What happens after I sign up for free?

The free trial signup will grant you 15 credits without any commitment. You don't have to enter a payment method and you don't have to cancel anything if you don't like it.

You'll be able to do research for the topics that are relevant to your site, find keywords, search queries, source article ideas and let AI write outlines.

How do I cancel after subscribing?

If you pick up a paid Rank-Hub plan, you'll be able to cancel at any time, preventing any further costs.

You can do this in your billing menu in Rank-Hub.

Is Rank-Hub compatible with WordPress, Webflow, Ghost...?

Rank-hub will let you export your outlines or finished articles by copying them into your clipboard.

If pasted into a rich text field (like the editor of CMS software like WordPress), it will be formatted correctly automatically, making it compatible with virtually any CMS.

Do you provide any support?

Yes, support via email is included with every plan, even the free trial.

Please use the contact form and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

free trial · no credit card required